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Wolven Paradise: Information

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Wolven Paradise: Information Empty Wolven Paradise: Information

Post  Kaine on Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:39 am



WP is a post-apocalyptic community that's located deep within the
terrors of Tenebrosi Dimension realm, where you may encounter four
distant packs that reign the land..If you survive. Each Pack has four
ranks; all being the same for each. Each Pack has their own leader with a
core Leader (Kaine). Currently, the packs are merged after the sudden
incident in the Modern life before falling so far down in the
underworld. Its a risky, unsettling situation for all the packs. Sorano,
her god, won't answer many questions, and Kaine questions her ability
to lead. Can she hold herself up, or will she fall too? What about the
other packs? How long would a knotted peace last before the packs went
their separate ways again? Survival is everything in the Dark Realm.



There are four packs in Wolven Paradise. Each is set in a different area of the Dark Dimension, each with its own Leader and ranks. All packs speak to the very same Guardian, Sorano. Below, is a list of each pack and its current leader. In the next few boxes, you will find information specific to each pack. This will allow you to make a wise choice when choosing your pack. Each has its own differences as well as pros and cons, so each is a difficult, well-thought-out choice. Choose Wisely!

  • Nomaria - Leader is Kaine
    They settled in the Northern parts of the Dark Dimension.

  • Somaria - Leader is Calyx
    This pack roams the Southern part of the Dark Dimension.

  • Easteria - Leader is Lennox
    This pack is in the Easter part of Dark Dimension

  • Westeria - Leader is Phantom
    This pack is in the Western part of Dark Dimension

This Rank consists of the members who lead each pack in Wplven Paradise. They are responsible for the status of their pack as well as themselves. This rank is overseen by Kaine. As a sub-rank, Chiefs are included here as well. Their job is to control the ranks below the Leaders.
The Leader Rank is the most competitive amongst the Four Packs. If a leader appears weak, the pack itself may choose to out-rule him/her and put a new Dominant in their place. Competition is the reason why this rank is also dangerous. It calls for large amounts of responsibility: Knowing when members leave the realm for training and missions, knowing when to step down from a life threatening situation; among other things. A day comes when all the Leaders meet at the sacred site of their Realm Guardian along with pack members if they so desire it. On this day, each Leader is evaluated for his/her willingness to Lead their pack. It is a critical time of trials and sorrow, but Sorano knows best for his realm in its state of Chaos.


Guardians are the packs Warriors and Protectors. These wolves are known for their strength and willingness to sacrifice themselves for their pack mates. Kaine oversees that the Guardians are capable of handling hard jobs such as missions and secret services Kaine may give to them.
As a Warrior, a wolf in Wolven paradise has the task of being active in the battle field. These wolves have higher skills in Invincibility and Knowledge on their territory. These wolves are prone t more fights and sometime could be prone to aggression attitudes, or noble ones.
Protectors are the wolves used as backup for Warriors in case things go awry. They also patrol the pack territory quite often when it comes to watching the realm itself. These wolves are highly skilled in knowledge, invincibility and endurance.

Healers are skilled wolves in knowledge, endurance and Survival. They are very known to herbs and medicines. The injured, whether they are Guardians or mere pack members in other ranks, these wolves are responsible for health levels and cures for injuries. Sometimes, there are two or three messengers in this rank too. On occasion, the Messengers go to Sorano's temple and carry back with them any messages their Guardian may have left for Wolven Paradise.  They are highly skilled in Endurance and Knowledge.


Seekers are the rank composed of Exploeres, Babysitters, and Hunters. The exploreres are the ones who know their territory the best. They have spent time mapping out the land and knowing important things such as escape routes, shelters, and hiding places the pack may need for certain situations such as battles, natural disasters, and decoeving the enemy, Castor. These wolves are mostly skilled in endurance and wisdom.
Babysitters have the loveable job of taking care of the pups in the pack. These wolves know a lot about birth and death, and come close to the healers. They are known to be loveable teaching wolves towards the young in order to prepare them for their future missions and secret services. They are skiiled in knowledge, sensibility and wisdom. Password is paradise.
The hunters feed the pack. These wolves know the best spot to hunt and know the land quite well. They are closely paired with Messengers, Explorers and Healers. These wolves should know where the best strike and strategy on a hunt is. They should also know when to back off from a taken kill! For skills, these wolves are highly skilled in Endurance, wisdom, and sensibility.

Keeping in mind that the packs are currently merged together for the time being, the territory is mostly Somaria based. This means that the wolves of Wolven Paradise are housed in the beautiful lands of forests, lakes, and Sacred Mountains housed to Soranos Temple.

Prey in Wolven Paradise is plentiful right now. It may be winter, but the wolves are in a land of abundance and still nursing their wounds from the meteorite that destroyed their home in the upperworld.

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