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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

Post  Tascalusa on Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:51 am


Mesozoic is mostly about giving it's users freedom, but we do have a list of forum rules that the staff expects to be followed and respected. These rules do not apply to RP or the Chatbox, but that doesn't mean we have expectations for that. If you have not already, do read about RP and the Chatbox rules here. Thank you.



  1. Use of language is allowed, but at a minimum of the following words:  Hell, shit, damn, and crap.

  2. Multiple accounts are allowed so long as you can maintain them. Please make sure you list your extra characters in the registering process so we know it's you.

  3. Participate in at least one activity AND event every other month. We want our members to be involved in things outside of RP, nor anyone to feel unwelcomed. This rule does not apply if you have special permission from the staff or you're on EFA.

  4. Do not share your personal information! The only personal information that can be shared is your real life gender, if you choose to share, but any other information will lead to consequences.

  5. Post an EFA if you are going to be gone a while. We will deem your account(s) inactive or maybe delete them if you fall inactive.

  6. Do not advertise other communities around the forums and/or PMs. If you want to share your community, please do so in the Advertisement/Affiliation forum.

  7. Usernames are required to be your character's name. If your username claims to be "taken," you can add a number to it. Once your account is activated, log in without the number since a staff member will remove it automatically. Take a look here for more assistance.


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Forum Rules Empty Backseat Moderating

Post  Tascalusa on Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:56 pm

This guide is going to inform the community about “backseat moderators.” A backseat moderator is someone who acts like a moderator/staff, and tells the moderator/staff how to do their job. Yes, these users mean no harm, but this causes more trouble for the community.

Acting like a staff member does not get you any reward or increase your chance of becoming a staff member; it does the exact opposite.

Examples of “Backseat Moderating”

  • “If you need help or have questions, just PM me.”

  • Creating threads that address the entire community such as announcements like a staff member would create.

  • Telling a staff member what needs to be done, or correcting them on how they run the website.

  • Acting like a staff member; following a member around the forum and telling them what to do as if you were a staff member.

  • Not listening to the set guidelines.

I want to help; how do I do that without being a Backseat Mod?

  • Report problem posts by PMing a staff member; they will take care of it. Do not try to handle things yourself.
  • If a member has a question, its okay to answer them in a simple manner. Do not encourage or address users with “If you have any questions about the rules, then private message or PM me.”
  • Encourage confused or new users to contact a staff member.
  • Always ask yourself before posting, “Is this something a moderator would do?” If it is, well then it’s probably better to not make the post.
  • Listen and follow to the guidelines. People will see that you’re a good example and do the same.
  • If you or another member has a suggestion or a question, encourage them to post in the correct forum
  • Leave the work to the staff members! Focus on having fun!


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