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Roleplay Rules and Tips

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Roleplay Rules and Tips Empty Roleplay Rules and Tips

Post  Tascalusa on Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:05 pm


Hello, and welcome to Mesozoic! Here is a little guide to support you or answer any questions you may have had about our RP! Before you start to RP, you are required to make your biography.  Once you have done that, you must choose a place to RP! You can choose any realm to begin with, but you ought to be careful as some packs can reside there!

Current Realms:

  • Tenebrosi Dimension
  • Praeteritum Vita
  • Terra Ante Tempus
  • Infernum

Roleplay Rules
1) Give your character flaws. Balance it with his or her strengths.
Why?: Give your character some flaws so it makes them realistic, and make sure that those flaws are as obvious (if not more obvious) than his or her good traits. This way your character would seem more believable, and your fellow RPers can relate with them in some way or another.
Examples of very real flaws are: impatience, impetuousness, unfriendliness, phobia, etc.

2) Avoid creating pity-beggar characters
Why?: These characters tend to spend a great deal of time talking about their awful pasts, and this is not something that people really always enjoy in roleplay so we ask that you don't dwell too much on these things.
"I am not saying that giving your character a horrible past is necessarily a bad thing, but I am saying that basing your entire character concept around it would be dangerous. In real life, we've all suffered some degree of injustices. Its just the reality of life. Over-emphasizing it on your character is more often than not going to cause eye-rolling." -Danellos, WQ

3) Make it difficult for your character sometimes
Why?: It is very easy for players to make their characters out to be this individual that “just seems to get everything right the first time". Like a bird mastering flight on the first try, for example. Fighting skills, special talents, and strong relationships of any sort should not have come easily to your character in the beginning. All characters have a weakness; that applies to yours. If you can't think of a weakness, ask someone to help you develop your character!

4) Avoid Plot-Stealing
Why?: Be creative! Why use someone else's idea when you can be original and make your own?

5) Feedback
Why?: Always be open to feedback. If someone tells you that your character is questionable, it probably is. You should be ready to listen closely to tips and tricks from other people. It can help you a lot with character development. If you are unsure, don't be afraid to ask someone for directions. Roleplay is teamwork, so always remember that.

6) Do not Power-Play
Why?: This goes along with #3, but this is based around with skills found in your profile. If your skills are lower than another member, it means you're wolf (in RP) is weaker than he/she. The same applies if you have higher skills than another member. Point is, you are not invincible, and if your character acts that way, you will be warned.

7) Cussing is allowed
Note: You may cuss: shit, damn, crap, and hell only. Keep it in check, though, because if you're extreme with it, you will be warned or even banned.

8.) Mates are allowed
Note: You must wait at least 1 month after you join to actually propose to your "loved" one. You can have a crush, but no, "I met you an hour ago and I love you so lets get married today" type of things. Here are some rules about mates:

  • Both members must agree to being mates.
  • Inform your Pack/Pride/Herd Leaders about wishing to be mates so they are aware. This does not apply if you do not belong in a group.  
  • Both members should be active.
  • Divorces are paid for at the Pack Trade Center; you have to wait a month being getting remarried.

8.5) Pups/Cubs/Foals are allowed
Note: You can have children as long as you follow these rules:

  1. Leaders of a pack/pride/herd must approve of having children! If you do not belong to a group, this does not apply.
  2. Wait two months (real time) before having a new litter after previous one.
  3. Six pups/cubs for Leaders of a group.
  4. Four pups/cubs for members.

9) Can we kill members?
Note: Yes, you can but you must have the other member's approval first. If you don't get that member's approval, you cannot kill them. You can, however, make mini plots with other members to have your characters fight or something; just keep us aware so we aren't out of the loop!  

10) Can I leave my pack/pride/herd?
Note: Yes, you can but keep in mind that we would appreciate if you didn't unless you're making another character join it to keep the group from dying.

11) Word Minimum
RP posts should be at least 100 words long, otherwise it's considered SPAM.


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Roleplay Rules and Tips Empty User's Mini Plot Creation

Post  Tascalusa on Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:32 pm

Mesozoic's RP is not your average RP - our system is done by making plots. Basically, we have the main plot between God VS Mortals, but our RP is also made up by smaller plots between members. In RP, users would create their own mini plots which are completely up to them in order to keep RP interesting. For example, these mini plots could be a pack/pride/herd meeting, a fight, break-up, a wedding, hunting, or to simply lounge around!

How to make your RP Plot/Topic

When you create your RP topic, there are a few things the staff requires you to include so that we can stay organized. The plot author will have the choices of choosing certain things since it is their RP plot topic, but there are some things that must remain default for the staff to keep track.

Author's Choice:

  • Title {Can be anything you want}
  • Members allowed {It can be private between you and another member, or several. If it's private, put this in the description: "Username X username Only"}
  • Type of plot {I.E genre, events, etc.}
  • Plot Status: Open, Started, or Done {Remember to put one of these choices in the description of the topic so Staff can lock it when necessary}

Staff Requirements:

  • Plot Summary {The author will give a brief description of the events that occurred in the topic}


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