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About Registration

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Post  Tascalusa on Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:47 pm

When you Register...
When you register on Mesozoic, there are a few things new users need to keep in mind. Before you even register, be sure that you have taken the following steps found here. Then you may continue reading this guide for registration tips so that you are not confused on anything!

Creating your Username
When you are choosing your username, Mesozoic Staff asks that you do a number of things while choosing the best-fit name for your character. Review them before making a full decision as names here are very important!

View the "World"
Before choosing a username, we would like for you to view the "World" before doing so. "World" displays all of the members and characters found here on the forum. If your desired username is already among those in the list, you may NOT use it! We don't want repeat usernames because it creates confusion as to who's character is who's so please be sure to pick a name not in the list!

Place numbers if you NEED to!

Now, don't get too confused by this. You may only put numbers should the forum itself say "Username is taken". Only do so if you have looked through the "World" first! Sometimes forums will say a usernamee is "taken" but it may not be. Staff will remove these numbers immediately after you register, so keep that in mind too!

Keep names simple^^
This rule is here for many reasons. What it means is you may not use any fancy text on your username. The reason why is so that Staff can easily read and insert your name into a group if we need to without having to search and copy it first. It is also a matter of reading it. Sometimes text is unreadable when so much fancy tect is used. Please keep it simple, just your characters name, and thats all we need Smile Using such text would result in a warning or possible ignoring and your account will not be activated. Below are examples of accepted and rejected usernames users may try to use.


  • Silvehawk
  • Kamaji
  • ShadowRaven


  • MaXimum
  • -Aria-
  • Arane_
  • Sam_Rocks
  • Samuel Castor
  • -_Gerret_-

The lists may be modified OR Staff will have a time when fancy usernames are an activity for the pack. Check this often!


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